Roleplay Tavern offers its services to the thriving role playing community!

Character Profiles
Create your very own character profile, customize it to your heart's content, add a little bit of flair using profile cover photos! Fill out your character's details and basic information or get as detailed as possible!

Private Messaging
Private messaging is the main source of sparking up role plays within this service, you can either have a 1-on-1 role play session or compose a new message and add up to 10 users to start a group role-playing session!

Character Gallery
You can upload images to better illustrate the aspects of your character! While we do not have an overall data cap, you will require to be active to unlock additional space. Unlike other RP services, we do not charge for storage!

Pesonal Blog
Create blogs to tell stories! Such as your character's background, some role play examples, or even lay out a few rules for your character in detail! If you have any shower thoughts, that'd make a good blog too.

Public & Private Groups
On RPT, you have the option of creating either public group pages where creators can freely join, or alternatively, you can have a private group page that is invite-only. Each page may have a multitude of page admins that can moderate your group!

Needing some input from fellow creators? You can create polls and have several different options for creators to choose from!

Achievements and Badges
We strive to award the active creators on our service, the more you put into your profile, you are awarded with achievements that are displayed on your profile to give your profile some milestone flair! You can also earn badges when you contribute to the community!
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